Memories as Legacy

October reminds me of my mom.

It's her birthday month.  And she loved the Fall season -- the colorful leaves, apple picking, and lots of big family dinners to celebrate lots of special occasions.

Since her passing a couple years ago, the month of October has become bittersweet for me.  While I strongly feel her presence because of everything she loved about this time of year, I also profoundly miss her.

This powerful short film reminds me of her, too.  Her chosen career was taking care of our family, our home and anyone around her who needed help.  Although her service didn't produce monetary wealth to pass on to her future generations, it did leave us with priceless, treasured memories that continue to teach us and keep her spirit alive.

A few of my most special memories of my mom are ...

Brushing my hair.  Holding my hand.  Touching my cheek.  And her baby soft skin.

Bribing us with donuts to go to weekday Mass with her during our summer vacations.

The twinkle in her eyes whenever she heard Glenn Miller music.  And her announcing that her parents must be dancing in heaven!

Always sending us off with, "Angels around you!" and reminding us, "Everything happens for a reason," and calling us at the end of the workday to exclaim, "Sunset Alert!"  And how she referred to my sister and me as her, "Darling Daughters."

Inviting a stranger from church who was alone to join our family for Thanksgiving.

Receiving handwritten thank-you notes from her.  Even for the smallest things.

Being asked what food we wanted her to make for our birthday dinners ... long into our adulthood.

Most of my friends calling her Mommy Bonnie -- not just to distinguish between the two of us having the same name, but also because that's how they thought of her.  As their second mom.

I recognize that everyone doesn't have these kinds of positive memories about their parent.  But there's nothing stopping each of us from creating our own happy memories, as our own legacy, to pass on to the people we love.

I love you, Mom.  Happy Birthday.  (And as she would say, "And many moooooooooore!")

There’s nothing stopping each of us from creating our own happy memories,
as our own legacy, to pass on to the people we love.

Now it's your turn.  What's one treasured memory that someone you love has passed down to you?  Or what's a memory you've created that you'll pass on?  Please share in the comments below. Remember, whatever you feel inclined to share is exactly what someone else out there needs to hear.

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