In-between Time

In my relationships with one-on-one private coaching clients, we usually meet for a session every other week.

Sometimes this surprises them in the beginning.  "What?!  Not every week?  But there's so much I want to cover!"

Nope.  Not every week.  Every other week.

It’s an intentional choice.  It sloooooooows the process down.  It allows for what my beautiful new client coined for herself yesterday as “In-between Time.”

In-between Time is when new ideas begin to take root … deep beneath the surface.

It allows time – in between talking and conversation – to connect with ourselves and with God.  Quiet time for reflection, prayer and meditation.  As my new client put it, time to “digest.”

It encourages making time for play, exploring and experimenting with new information we’ve gathered.

It gives us time to breathe. To nourish and replenish our bodies and souls.

It quiets the mind.  Slows down the constant ticker-tape running through our head.  Slows the production of stress hormones.  Helps us think more clearly and creatively.

My client realized she wanted to create more of this for herself – for her whole life.  Which got me thinking how we can all benefit from In-between Time, if we intentionally choose it for ourselves.

What better time to begin than right now – the holiday season.  During what is often the busiest, most hectic and hurried time of the year.

My invitation to you this season is to begin small.  A turtle step.  A baby step.  Maybe that means adding a 5 minute break in between tasks on your To Do list.  Or saying “No, thank you” to just one holiday party.  Or leaving one just a little earlier than you usually do.

What small step of In-between Time is do-able for you right now?  Begin there.  Then notice what happens.

Now it's your turn.  What's your small step?  Even better, report back what you noticed happening after taking it.  Please share in the comments below. Remember, whatever you feel inclined to share is exactly what someone else out there needs to hear.

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