Choose Your Words

... you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole
than a word that you gave away.
— Eddie in the play A View from the Bridge

Welcome to Week #3 of my special Monday Motivation series inspired by shows I recently saw in New York City.  (View Week #2 here, based on a quote from An American in Paris.  View Week #1 here, based on a quote from the hip-hop/rap musical, Hamilton.)

Today's quote is from A View from the Bridge, a shocking and controversial play by Arthur Miller covering a number of themes, from justice and judgement, to hopes and dreams, and many more in between.

Within the context of the play, today's quote about "a word that you gave away" speaks to betrayal.  I'm going to put my own spin on this quote and talk about the power of words.

Words are powerful, Blossom.  Your words.  My words.  The words we speak to others out loud, and the words we speak to ourselves in silence.

Words are power-full.

Words can bolster, or words can undermine.

Just one word -- spoken, or unspoken -- can be more powerful than a million dollars.

And while it is possible to get money back, it's impossible to take back even one word you've said to yourself or someone else.

Pause and remember this the next time you speak with someone, and the next time you talk to yourself.

What's a word, phrase or story you notice yourself saying often that makes you feel less than your very best?  This week, test eliminating it from your vocabulary, or replacing it with something that makes you feel like the remarkable human being you are.  Then notice the difference.  Notice the power of your words.