Your Shot

I am not throwing away my shot.
— Alexander Hamilton in the musical Hamilton

At least once a year, my husband Chris and I make a creative pilgrimage to New York City.  We love the energy, the food, the theatre, the architecture, the food, the theatre, the shopping, the food ... and the theatre. We always return home filled with delicious inspiration.

On the heels of our most recent trip, I'm dedicating the next four weeks of blog posts to the four shows we were fortunate to experience this time around. First up is the musical, Hamilton, centered around the life of Alexander Hamilton – an orphan and immigrant from the Caribbean who went on to become the youngest of our nation's founding fathers when he served as General Washington's chief staff aide at age 22, and later as the first Secretary of the Treasury.

(Side note:  When you hear the word "musical," you probably think of something like Cats or Bat Boy: The Musical. Hamilton is really more like this, but done in a hip-hop and rap style, which is quite a feat for a two-and-a-half hour show.  Hey yo.)

Hamilton is less about politics and more about the power within each of us.  It challenges, moves and reminds us that regardless of background or current circumstances, we all have a shot.  And we all have the choice to make the most of it, or throw it away.

What are you doing with your shot?

This is your life – a Divine gift.  This is your shot on this planet.  In this world.  And in the grand scheme of things, it’s for a very short time.

This life – this year, this month, this week, this day, this moment – is your shot.

This life is your shot to ...

... seek answers to those questions that are burning inside you.

... pursue those callings, dreams and passions you’re feeling pulled towards.

... speak up for, defend and protect everything and everyone you stand for.

... learn, grow, forgive, share and have fun.

... live and love fully.

What do you want your shot to consist of?
What matters to you most?

Start now, and start small if you have to.  Commit your whole heart to taking your shot.  Decide you’re not going to let anything or anyone stop you.  Ask how everything – opportunities, obstacles, even the unimaginable – are here to serve you, and keep giving them all your best shot … time and time and time again.

What will you do – this moment, this day, this week, this month, this year, this life – to not throw away your shot?