Use What You Have

I’ve been obsessed with bamboo scaffolding ever since seeing it for the first time here in Hong Kong. There’s such a graphic, artistic nature to it.  And at first, given how it’s mostly used decoratively at home in the US, it struck me as such an unexpected use of the material.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  It’s brilliant, actually.

Bamboo is one of the strongest, most sustainable and most renewable natural resources on the planet.

And it’s EVERYWHERE in Hong Kong.

So, why not use bamboo for scaffolding?  Hong Kong is using what it has.  And what it has happens to be pretty great.

What does this have to do with you and me?

Often in life when we want to make a change or try something new, we drag our feet … and even get stuck ... because we’re waiting for everything to be perfect -- the timing, our skills, our confidence, our faith.  We tell ourselves “not yet” because we don’t feel completely ready.  We’re convinced we don’t have ‘enough’ knowledge, money, guts, whatever.  We think we need more, more, more before we can begin.

Most of the time what’s actually happening is that we’re simply afraid or nervous.  So we subconsciously sabotage ourselves by telling ourselves we don’t yet have what we need to move forward.

And that’s okay.  It’s a perfectly natural human response to feel that way about anything new or different.

But it does not mean we are not ready.

The truth is, you already have everything you need.  Maybe not to get you from Point A to Point Z, but certainly to get you from Point A to Point B.  Or at least from Point A1 to Point A2.

We must start somewhere, or we will get nowhere.

Step outside beyond the limiting thoughts in your head.  (Warning:  Your thoughts will likely fight hard to keep you in your head.  Step outside anyway.)  Open your eyes and your heart to look around and take stock of everything you already are.  Everything you already have.  And start putting all of that to use.

I bet it’s all pretty great.

You are more ready than you know, Blossom.  Begin by using what you have.  Today.