How 'bout an adventure?

Years ago when my husband Chris and I were dating, he sent me an unexpected note that said, “How ‘bout an adventure?”

I immediately said yes. The very next morning we hopped in his car and drove 8 hours to a Shakespeare theatre festival to see just one play that Chris really wanted us to see together.

Since then, we’ve turned that "how 'bout an adventure" note into a motto for our lives and our relationship. A dear musician friend of ours even wrote an original song by the same name and performed it at our wedding reception.

Sometimes our adventures are to far-off places. Sometimes they're close to home.

Sometimes they’re joint adventures. Sometimes they’re solo, or with friends.

Sometimes they have nothing to do with travel.  Sometimes they're trying something new, or pursuing a dream.

Wherever or whatever our adventures are, we support each other in going for them.  They're a great way to keep life interesting, they keep us growing, and they create wonderful memories.

Now, here we are … days away from embarking together on our 7-week adventure to Asia. We’ve been planning and prepping and anticipating for weeks.  Yet in so many ways we still don’t feel completely ready or know what to expect.  We’re both excited and nervous.

At this point we’ve made a pact to let go and figure out the rest when we get there. Because it’s way more exciting that way and, after all, the best adventures are all about the unexpected. And, as Chris so often reminds me, “No matter what, everything is going to be just fine.”

If you’d like to follow along with us in Asia, I’ll mostly be sharing highlights on social media. You can follow my Facebook page here and my Instagram feed here.

And now I have a question for you …

Actually, it’s more of a challenge ...

How ‘bout an adventure?

How can you have an adventure of your own over the next 7 weeks?  What’s something that you feel both excited and nervous about?  What do you feel not-quite-ready for?  How can you take just one step, or two or three, over the next couple months?  What can you let go of to make it easier?

If you’re willing to accept this challenge, I invite you to post your adventure in the comment section below so we can all cheer each other on.

And if you know anyone who could benefit from a little adventure in their life, please forward this post to them and encourage them to join the challenge.  We're all here together to give each other a hand.