Dream Makers

An interview series featuring inspiring people who are creating their inspiring dreams, and how they’re doing it. Because, at Blossom of Snow, we believe that our dreams—the deep desires of our hearts—are Divine Callings that lead us to our most prosperous lives.  And so, we believe following our dreams is a universal purpose that every human being on this planet shares.

Dream Maker:  Chelsea Scott
Age 29
CorePower Yoga Studio Manager, Yogi, Mother of George Washington the Cat
Irvine, California and New York, New York

Photo #2 credit:  Epic Photo Journalism

I never want to forget that it is okay to be a beginner.
It is okay to ask questions and learn from what you don’t know.
It is okay to give yourself permission to try something new,
make mistakes, and grow.
— Chelsea Scott

What’s one of your dreams that you’d like to share with our Blossom of Snow community?
I have dreamed of living in New York City.  After teaching for CorePower Yoga for about a year, I found out they were planning to expand to New York.  I immediately set my sights on being a part of the team to build the CorePower Yoga community there.
Why is this dream important to you?
It’s basically a two-for-one dream!  It gets me to New York City and allows me to share my passion for yoga.

There is something special about New York City that has always drawn me.  I love that every corner sends you on a new adventure!

Yoga has transformed my life in ways I never expected.  It teaches me how to connect to my authentic self and to see that in those around me, in order to cultivate more love.

How long have you had this dream?  How long have you been working towards it?
I have dreamed of living in New York city since I was a teenager.  My specific dream of building the first CorePower Yoga community in New York City began at the beginning of 2015.

What's one of the greatest challenges you’re facing in creating this dream?
Time management has been a challenge for me.  In order to be the best candidate for New York City, I was so driven and focused on wanting to be the perfect studio manager, hit all of our goals, and cultivate a flourishing community.  I often lost track of self-care and time to refuel.
How are you overcoming this challenge?
I've committed to taking time off and trusting those around me with tasks that do not necessarily have to be done by me. I've realized that actually taking time off keeps me more alert and present when I'm at work, and delegating more tasks is building a stronger team around me and giving others the opportunity to learn and grow with me.

What has been the best part about following this dream?
When I started on the management track with CorePower Yoga in Brea, California, my intention was to build my resumé to be the best candidate for New York.  I had no idea how much I would grow to love and connect with the CorePower Yoga Brea community.

The best part of working toward this dream has been the connections made along my journey.  Whether it be connections I have personally made with students, instructors, or other managers, or connections I have been able to witness amongst my instructors and students ... it makes everything worth it to see a community where people can come for love, support, connection and transformation.

What keeps you going when times get tough or when you get stuck?
I lean on the support of my family, friends and mentors.  I had the opportunity to work with an amazing manager who truly embodied living from an attitude of gratitude. When times got tough, she was able to keep me centered and focused on what truly mattered in an optimistic way.

What have you learned from creating this dream that you never want to forget?
I never want to forget that it is okay to be a beginner.  It is okay to ask questions and learn from what you don’t know.  It is okay to give yourself permission to try something new, make mistakes, and grow.

How are you personally defining success for this dream?
I find success in my actions and efforts towards my goal.  Whatever the outcome has been each step of the way, I have had confidence in succeeding at finding a job that I love and that I'm passionate about, and in doing what I saw as best for the Brea community in order to build up myself and those around me towards all of our goals.