A Powerful Question to Guide Your Life

© Photo by Chris Utley.  Sunrise at Haleakala National Park, Maui, 2014

Hello, Blossoms!  Welcome to the first blog post at Blossom of Snow!

My heart is filled with gratitude this week ...

On the heels of Memorial Day, I'm thankful for anyone who has paid the ultimate sacrifice or dedicated any portion of his/her life to protecting our freedoms and human rights.  May God bless them and their families.

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, Chris, and to be celebrating 3 years of wedded bliss, hilarity and adventures with him!  (I love you, Honey!)

And I'm so thankful for all of the encouragement I've been receiving during the launch of this website.  (I once thought starting up my coaching practice was a lot of work.  Well, launching a website was downright exhausting!  I'm thrilled to shift my focus back to coaching and my clients!)

In support of all of us spending less time online, and more time in our lives and in our relationships, I vow to keep blogging, social media and emails to a minimum. My intentions are to keep posts fairly short & sweet, occasionally entertaining to bring a smile to your day, and always relevant to helping you live a life you love.

I'm dedicating this first blog post to sharing about a practice that I try to incorporate into my morning ritual and prayer time every day.  I learned this practice while on retreat a few years ago.  It's just one simple, yet powerful question to seek Divine guidance in my work and personal life:  "How can I serve?"

After offering up the question and spending a few minutes in silence, I receive all kinds of answers ...

Sometimes I clearly see the face of a loved one or the name of a coaching client who might need some special help.

Sometimes a new idea emerges for my business.

Sometimes I hear, "Take a nap."

Today, in honor of kicking off this Blossom of Snow blog, I'm posing this powerful question directly to you ... How can I best serve you?  In the comments section below, I invite you to share a topic related to business or career that you'd like some support with and I'll incorporate it into a future blog post.  

I also invite you to pause for the next 30 seconds, close your eyes, take a deep breath and offer up the same question for your own life, "How can I serve?"  You're welcome to post any answers you receive in the comments below, as well.  I promise that whatever you feel inclined to share is exactly what someone else out there most needs to hear.

When sharing comments, please remember that the Blossom of Snow Community is one of support, encouragement and positive interaction.  Comments that include links to other posts or websites will be deleted because they can be perceived as spam. Thank you!