A FEW success stories

There are so many things I enjoyed about working with Bonnie. My hope was to figure out what was holding me back and keeping me stuck from launching a business. Not only did I get exactly what I needed, but I also got so much more! Bonnie helped me uncover some deep limiting beliefs that were creating a lot of fear and resistance in many areas of my life. With each limiting belief, she would teach, coach and guide me through some really great and practical tools that I could use every day. I am amazed at how quickly I moved from fearful and stuck to feeling empowered, more in control of my life, interacting with others with more ease, and just overall more joyful! Bonnie absolutely exceeded my expectations. She is a tremendous coach and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
— Erin Melito, Online Entrepreneur
Before working with Bonnie, I found myself grabbing for life and taking on anything that came my way. I was overwhelmed and I was under-appreciating myself. I now feel more at peace and a sense of being soul fulfilled.
I loved how Bonnie brought out of me something deep inside that I knew was there, but didn’t think could be a reality. Each session she literally awoke something anew inside of me. Clarity was created like magic.
— Nicole, Lifestyle Photographer & Television Segment Host
Bonnie is a massively calming presence, and in being so, she has helped me to relax and calm any and all resistance to the work. Bonnie is a deeply empathetic, balanced, intelligent, serious, and charming person and coach.
— Ron Shapiro, Talent Manager & Consultant
Bonnie asks questions with kindness but doesn’t let you wiggle away from life-changing self-discovery. The work can be hard but you laugh as you learn. With Bonnie you can do the most challenging inner work feeling completely safe and unconditionally loved. The most transformative part of working with Bonnie was the discovery that changing a single, deeply buried thought could resolve an ongoing challenge. On day one we found the thought; on day two I wrestled with changing perspective and day three the issue was resolved and remains so — Miraculous! Everyone should work with Bonnie. She is sheer goodness, with the right mix of reality and magic. I can’t think of a better shepherd through the complexities of life.
— Brandy S., University Administrator