The world's happiest and most successful people
have a professional coach.

Why shouldn't you?

you were born remarkable

I'm deeply honored every day to work with amazing souls who are going after their impossible dreams.  They are people who want to love every day and live a life of no regrets.  They're willing to go deeper than ever before to discover who they really are, who they are becoming, and how they're being called to uniquely serve the world.  They want to feel more authentic and more connected with themselves, with their higher power, and in their personal and professional relationships.  They want to work and stress less, and to experience more joy, more peace, and more of making a difference.  And they want to have a lot more fun along the way.

Coaching helps accomplish all of this and more.  My clients attest to this.  And, so do I.  After my faith and my marriage, coaching is the most powerful and effective life support on which I personally rely.  I treasure having deep and transformative conversations with my own coach a couple times every month.

Coaching is not a luxury for the rich and famous.  Studies show coaching is becoming increasingly recognized as an essential part of personal, professional and spiritual growth, as coaching has been for decades in the world of sports and the performing arts. Many of us simply were never taught the transformative power of questioning our thinking, or taught the skills, tools and strategies to set ourselves free vs. hold ourselves back.  And that's okay.  We learn what we learn when the moment is right for us -- when we're most ready to receive it. The great news is that it's never too late.  In fact, if you're reading this, now might be the right time for you. 


I'm often asked about my standard coaching system or curriculum.  I don’t have one. That's not how I work.

Each person I coach with is my curriculum.  YOUR MOST PROSPEROUS LIFE is our shared objective.  I create fully customized, powerful and life-changing coaching conversations in every coaching session, with every client.

your life is your choice

It's like author and speaker Matthew Kelly says, "There are times in each of our lives when we have to decide:  change, or more of the same? Perhaps you are there now.  What will you choose?"

While we don't have control over all the circumstances in our lives, we do have control over how we react to them and what we create with them.
Do you know this? Do you really? Do you really get that YOU have this power?

If you crave something different ... something new or different for your great big beautiful life, and you're ready to transform, then you're in the right place.  Now is the time.  You and your dreams matter. You and your dreams serve the world.

You were born remarkable.  There's only one you.  Your life is your choice.

What do you choose?

I work with a very select number of clients each year.
Before committing to working with anyone, we explore whether we're a good fit through deep conversation.

Apply HERE to be considered for a complimentary 90-minute deep coaching call with me.

To learn more about what "coaching" is and how it differs from therapy, counseling and other forms of support,
read the FAQs at the International Coach Federation.

Coaching is about the future — the future you would like to create, as opposed to reliving your past.
Just as an athletic coach helps an athlete improve their performance in a sport,
coaches help people improve their performance in Life.
A coach can see your performance in a way that you can’t.
— Steve Chandler