1970's - 1980's

Born January 10, 1972 in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Relocated to Miami, FL, then Southern California
Grew up in family of mom, dad and three sibs
Born with curiously strong curiosity

Competitive gymnast, Girl Scout Silver Award recipient, student government, performing arts

1990's - 2003

The Walt Disney Company/Disneyland Resort (1990 - 2003)
Theme Park Operations
Human Resources/Training & Development
Disneyland Ambassador to the World; goodwill visits across the US, Canada, France and Japan

Public Affairs/Community Relations
Executive Communications

B.A. from Chapman University in Southern California; emphasis in Speech Communications (1996)


Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Development & Partner Relations


The Walt Disney Company/Disneyland Resort
Catering & Convention Services
Convention Sales

Pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal (2007)

Married Christopher Utley (2012)
Impossible dream come true
Gained two beautiful bonus daughters

Mother's passing (2013)
Most catalytic, life-changing event

Miscarriage (2014)
Psalm 139:13-16

2014 - Present

Professional coaching training & certification
Martha Beck, Inc.

Founded Blossom of Snow, based in Southern California
Powerfully and passionately helping people step into leadership of their lives and dreams, and co-create their most impossible dreams through private coaching, intimate retreats and workshops, and public speaking

Bonnie Utley (© photo by Nicole Marino)

Bonnie and Chris Utley


From the very beginning, I wanted the name of my coaching practice to honor the memory of my beautiful mother who dedicated her life to serving others.  On Good Friday in March 2013, she passed on to a higher purpose after enduring 14 months of treatment for multiple myeloma cancer.  Her passing brought me to my knees and also served as my greatest catalyst to follow my dreams of making a life, making a living, and making a difference by doing what I love, with whomever I love, from wherever I love.

Blossom of Snow is a lyric from the song “Edelweiss” in The Sound of Music, which my mother sang to me as a lullaby.  It beautifully integrates the ideas of growing (“blossom”) and hibernating  (“snow”).  Most of us have been taught to take outward action to grow and succeed.  While there's a time and a place for that, it is not at the beginning.  The most critical and effective first step to accomplishing anything is to slow down and turn inward -- to connect with our heart, our soul, and the Divine.  I describe this approach as working from the inside-out, and it's the foundation of my coaching style.

Blossom of Snow also speaks to being unique.  I believe our best success strategy for life, relationships, career and business is to be authentically ourselves -- to create a life around our unique set of natural strengths + passions, and collaborate with others who complement us.

be a blossom of snow


  1. My "why" for being a professional coach is to be an instrument of hope, peace, joy and love in the world ... and, to have lots of fun along the way.
  2. Success at Blossom of Snow is defined in a single word:  Love.  Every day, we do our best to give and receive love with ourselves, God and others.
  3. I believe our dreams -- the desires of our hearts -- are our Callings.  Our dreams are the path to experiencing our greatest joy and being of greatest service.  I'm on a mission to help one million women dream without limits and co-create their most impossible dreams.
  4. My coaching clients are my heroes; for their courage, vulnerability and unlimited resourcefulness.
  5. I'm often described as short and tough.
  6. I prefer deep conversation over social chit-chat.
  7. I have a strong right brain.  I like pictures more than spreadsheets, and prefer art over math.
  8. I was raised Catholic and still practice Catholicism.  I also have an interfaith marriage, and appreciate and practice beautiful aspects from a variety of faith traditions.
  9. My curiously strong curiosity is my greatest natural strength.  My husband says coaching is my calling because I get to ask questions for a living.
  10. I used to think there was something wrong with me for not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Now I know I'm just a multi-passionate.  Besides coaching, I also love traveling, photography, event planning, interior design, cooking, entertaining, and integrating my multiple passions with coaching.
  11. I don't have a favorite season.  I love them all for different reasons, as well as the interplay between nature and our human lives.
  12. My idea of a perfect evening is a long, leisurely, al fresco, candlelit dinner with beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful music, and a beautiful view.
  13. One of my wildest dreams is to travel the world with my husband.  (Our motto for our marriage is "How 'bout an adventure?")  We're off to a good start -- living and working remotely, domestically and abroad, throughout the year.

Professional Bio

Bonnie Utley is the founder-owner of Blossom of Snow, creator of The Dream Retreat and Soul Leadership Artistry, and a certified coach specializing in personal and professional leadership development.  She describes her calling as a personal trainer for the mind, body and spirit, who loves using an "inside-out" approach and mind-body techniques.

Bonnie's expertise and passion is supporting people in dreaming without limits for their lives and co-creating their most impossible dreams.  She believes that our dreams -- the desires of our hearts -- are how we are each being called to experience our greatest joy and be of greatest service. Bonnie's approach to this work is completely custom. She is committed to creating personalized and transformative experiences with every client, in every coaching session.

The big dreamers, lovers and creators who are up to inspiring things in the world are Bonnie's clients.  They range from business leaders and owners, to stay-at-home moms who want to make big impacts.  She loves laughing with her clients and they love laughing with her, because laughter is often a precursor to the greatest epiphanies.

Bonnie brings to coaching an innate sense of wonder and curiously strong curiosity, along with 24 years of creative and leadership experience with The Walt Disney Company, plus a combination of backgrounds in the corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurial worlds.  She graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and completed professional coaching training and certification through Martha Beck, Inc. Bonnie lives a life of love, laughter and adventure with her husband Chris from their home in Southern California, or wherever their frequent travels take them.